Install An Electric Chair For Your Stairs In Crabtree, OR

Why are so many disabled people looking into an electric chair for stairs in Crabtree? When you have lost your ability to move freely around your home, and are no longer able to climb your own stairs, it sometimes feels like being trapped. Other times, you have to rely on family members to help. And again, worrisome thoughts about disability come to mind: Will I have to move out of my home because I can no longer climb the stairs? Does this mean I will have to go to a nursing home now?

In this article, you will find eight possible choices for the electric chair for stairs in Oregon for your home. Depending on your physical abilities, and on the floor plan of your house, one or more of the solutions should work for you, helping you stay in your home and continue being independent and flexible in your own home. The types of electric stair lifts that you can look into are: straight vs curved stair lifts, standing vs. sitting stair lifts, outdoor vs. indoor stair lifts, and DC powered vs. AC powered stair lifts.

Straight Stair Lift In Crabtree, OR VS. Curved Stair Lift In Crabtree, Oregon 97335

The first thing you need to consider are the stairs that you need help climbing. Are they completely straight up, with no intermediate flat sections or landings? If so, you are a candidate for a straight stair lift. These are usually much less expensive and faster to setup and install. Curved designs need quite a bit more elaborate surveying and engineering to make the stair lift, and they take a bit more installing skill. These two issues are the main reason for the increased costs of those designs.

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Standing VS. Sitting On An Electric Lift For Stairs In Crabtree, OR

Normally you would always opt for the sitting position when operating your stair lift. It’s just safer, and provides a lower center of gravity which enhances stability. Also, your electric chair lift is made only from quality components for much-increased stability and comfort.

The only reason you may want to consider a standing stair lift, is because of the inability of the disabled passenger to bend their knees. This could also be needed because of extremely narrow stairs that won’t accommodate a seated passenger. You can increase stability and safety, by making sure their stand-up stair lift has rails and safety bars that they can hold on to while traversing the stairs.

Outdoor VS. Indoor Electric Stair Lifts Near 97335

If the stairs you need help with are located outdoors, you need to make sure that the stair lift is designed for outdoor use. It will need to be protected from sun rays, wind, rain and dust or mud. If your shopping for an outdoor stair lift you need to follow the maintenance recommendations carefully to fully protect it from premature deterioration.

Curved Stair Lift

AC VS. DC Electric Chair For Stairs Around Oregon

The trend for the past 20 years has been advances in battery technology, which have made battery-powered electric stair lifts gain traction over AC powered stair lifts. When a battery-powered stair lift is allowed to recharge anywhere along its path, you will never have to experience a dead battery.

Your AC powered stair lift will stop working when the power goes out. However, especially with outdoor stair lifts, AC powered lifts may still be preferred due to less maintenance and better tolerances to extreme temperatures.

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages To A Stair Lift In Crabtree?

If you live in an area where power outages are frequent, your electric stair chair would leave you stranded. Electric chair lifts run off of your home’s electricity, therefore your electric bill will likely increase slightly as well. If a power outage occurs the stair lift will be unable to move until the power is restored. This is potentially dangerous as it could leave a disabled person without access to a phone or some other way to call for help (unless an emergency battery is installed).

Stair Lift Installation

3 Advantages of an Electric Chair For Stairs In Crabtree, 97335:

  • Electric stair lifts are less expensive to purchase
  • The electric stair lifts are more reliable
  • You don’t have to be concerned with replacing expensive batteries

3 Advantages of a Battery-Powered Electric Chair For Stairs In Crabtree, OR:

  • With owning a battery-powered chair lift it will not increase your home electric bill
  • The battery-Powered stair lift replacement batteries can last up to 12-18 months
  • You won’t have to worry about getting stuck on the stairs due to a power outage

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